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Cemeteries Specific To This CD:   NF006

To see a comprehensive list of people found on this CD for determining which cemetery they are buried in, look in the:

Or go directly to one of the cemeteries on this CD:

Initially each cemetery link shows names sorted alphabetically, but with a link for sorting them numerically by each picture's unique identification number. The first five characters of the ID number define the cemetery; the last four digits are the photo number. The numbers were assigned sequentially as the photographer walked up and down the rows in the cemeteries.

Browsing the numerically sorted list is like taking a virtual tour of the cemetery with names and graves in the order one might observe while walking up and down the rows in the cemetery. This provides valuable insight into who is buried in graves adjacent to a person of interest. If the surnames of adjacent graves are the same, there is a high probability these people are all in the same family. Even when the surnames are different, this possibility should be considered. Some examples of reasons for this: A married woman who died young was often buried with her parents or siblings; women who remarried after their first husband died might be buried with both husbands; children of women who were married more than once might have different surnames and be buried together.

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