Sample Photos

The purpose of this page is to illustrate the size and quality of the photographs of Newfoundland headstones and monuments available on CD. The goal of the project has been to take enough photographs of each stone to ensure that pertinent information would be readable and useful to future generations long after the stones are gone. Photos are 1024x768 pixels so it may be necessary to use the scroll bars at the side and bottom of this window to see the entire photo. If your browser options are set to reduce the size of pictures to fit the window, open your browser to full screen size.

Full-sized samples:
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headstone photo

In evaluating the photo, notice the readability of the 175 year old lettering, look for lichens growing on the stone, and find individual blades of grass visible at the bottom. The text is usually much easier to read from photos of modern stones.

There was a glimpse of this headstone in the film named The Shipping News in one of two cemeteries shown. The cemetery with the wooden grave markers was not real. This sample photo is from CD number NF048, and the photo ID is NBV01-6645. It says:

"Sacred to the memory of James Vallis who departed this life 27th July 1826 Aged 74 years. Consider this O' mortal man, That life at best is but a span: And if thy life is vainly spent, you'll find you cannot then repent."