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Ordering Individual Photos

If there are only one or two photographs on a given CD needed for your research, then purchasing an entire CD may not be a good investment. The photos may be ordered individually, but you will miss out on the tremendous research capabilities of the CD.

Photos are priced at $7.50 per database record. When you find a record of interest in the StonePics database, it defines the number of pictures associated with that record. With this method of pricing it is intended that $7.50 will cover the cost of all of the photos necessary to extract information for the individual(s) defined by that record.

For example, you might find the following records in the StonePics database:

      NF175 : STJ87     POWER, Eleanor (1875) - 1 photo
      NF175 : STJ87     POWER, William (1855) - 7 photos

If you wanted to purchase the pictures associated with these two records, you would pay:

2 x $7.50 = $15.00, for all 8 photographs.

At no additional charge to you, we may send additional photos considered pertinent to the ones you have ordered. If two different database records appear to name the same individual on a single stone, then by purchasing only one you may receive the other without charge. There is no charge for shipping since the photographs will be sent as e-mail attachments.

Due to the way some headstones have been transcribed into multiple records, it may be possible to save some money on your order by asking for a quote on photos before making payment. We will be happy to price the order if you send us a list of records you are interested in.

Your order should be followed up by an e-mail to StonePics to define which photos you are ordering. Please make copies of the desired record(s) from the StonePics database for inclusion in that e-mail.

          Purchase Instructions:          

  1. Click once on the "PayPal Add to Cart" button for each $7.50 payment you would like to make.
  2. After completing your transaction, confirm that the total amount of your payment correctly corresponds to the number of records you are purchasing.
  3. Send an e-mail to StonePics to define which photographs you want.

Your order will usually be processed as soon as we receive confirmation of payment. Thank you.