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Software Specification for CD Compatible Filenames for Digital Photographs of Headstones

The purpose of this software specification is to define and document a filenaming convention for digital photographs of headstones that will satisfy the following requirements:
  1. The name and date of death of at least one individual whose name is associated with the headstone shall be used to form the filename.
  2. Filenames shall be compatible with the filenaming requirements of CD (compact disk) writers without requiring truncation of long filenames.
  3. Filenames shall include a unique identification number.
The following filenaming convention was designed to satisfy these requirements:
  1. Filenames will not exceed 64 characters in length including periods and filename extensions.

  2. The filename will begin with the surname of one individual, and followed by a comma, their given name, and year of death.

  3. The names of additional people amended to the filename will not repeat the surname defined at the beginning.

  4. Dates of death are optional for additional individuals identified in the filename, but the date should be given for at least one individual if known to identify the proper timeframe for the record.

  5. The name of an additional individual should include a surname if it is different from the one used at the beginning of the filename even if it is necessary to abbreviate their given name.

  6. The picture sequence number assigned by the photographic equipment shall be preserved as part of the filename so that original order will be preserved, for example, for use in an index arranged by sequence numbers.

  7. Additional identification characters shall be amended to the picture sequence numbers to provide each photo with a unique identification number.

  8. An ampersand will be used to separate the names of different individuals identified in a file name.

  9. Married couples should be identified with the husband first, and if the maiden surname of the wife is know, it will follow her given name.

  10. Filenames beginning with the name of a married women will identify her married surname first, and be followed by a comma, her given name(s), followed by her maiden surname, and subsequently followed by any additional previous married surnames that may be applicable.

  11. Generally individuals with greatest genealogical significance will be defined first, for example, parents before their children.

  12. When a photograph contains the names of too many individuals for all to be included in the file name, individuals with the lowest genealogical significance will be omitted first, and the absence of their names specified in a way that the reader will realize it.

  13. Filenames shall be a maximum of 64 characters in length including periods and file extensions.

  14. If a filename includes the names of a husband and wife, and the dates of death are known for both, and the wife's maiden surname is also known, then her maiden surname will be given priority over her date of death when the length of the filename makes it impossible to include both.

  15. Parts of the above information may be eliminated from the filename to meet the requirement for length.