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Instructions for Starting CD's

StonePics CD's have an HTML design so content can be viewed with any web browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Just point and click to "browse the CD" with the same look and feel as if you were connected to the internet. The CD's are designed for use on a PC, but have been successfully tested on a Macintosh running Snow Leopard OS version 10.6.8. No internet connection is required to use the CD.

Starting Method A:

For most PC's just insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive and wait several seconds for it to auto-start. Your web browser will automatically open to the starting page of the CD. If it does not start automatically use the next method.

Starting Method B:

Use "My Computer" or a file directory to look at the list of file names on the CD. Locate and double-click on the file named "Double-click here to start". This method was used in the Macintosh test.

If you are unable to start the CD please e-mail or telephone StonePics for help.