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StonePics - Cemeteries of Newfoundland

StonePics is the results of a unique project to photograph and index every cemetery, headstone, and monument in Newfoundland, Canada. The completion of this project makes Newfoundland proud to be the first state/province in North America to have a comprehensive database for finding cemeteries and headstones.

All photos are available for free viewing at this website.

Some of the things you will find at this website are:

  • StonePics database Version 5.0 (dated 07 February 2012) containing 221,000 records of names and dates from the headstones and monuments of Newfoundland. This database represents over a quarter million people!
  • Software to help search the database for records of interest;
  • Location information for 1700 cemeteries including exact latitude and longitude;
  • General information about cemeteries and headstones of Newfoundland;
  • Photos of the oldest known headstones in Newfoundland, plus a memorial to the oldest people who ever lived in Newfoundland (aged 101 - 118 years);
  • A total of 177 different CD volumes containing the digital photographs of the headstones and monuments used to build the database. Each one contains an average of 1770 photos organized by cemetery and region.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time sorting through the StonePics website and want to get right down to business, then click here for a short-course. 

This website was last updated on:   04 Sept 2023.


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