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Newfoundland Cemetery CD:  NF085

Genealogy CD NF085 contains 1971 photos and transcripts from the monuments, headstones and cemeteries of Newfoundland, Canada from the list below. If only one cemetery is shown its large size resulted in the photos spanning one or more entire CD's.

Clicking on one of the cemetery names opens a separate smaller window that describes its location, the date and time photography started, and perhaps additional information. If it is not closed before selecting another cemetery, the smaller window may become hidden under this one.

          Cemetery List - NF085          

  1. BSB01 - Barachois Brook 1 - single stone
  2. STG01 - St George's 1 - Catholic, Shallop Cove
  3. STG02 - St George's 2 - United Church
  4. STG03 - St George's 3 - Anglican, churchyard
  5. STG04 - St George's 4 - Catholic
  6. STG05 - St George's 5 - single plot
  7. STX01 - Stephenville Crossing 1 - Catholic, old
  8. STX02 - Stephenville Crossing 2 - Anglican, churchyard
  9. STX03 - Stephenville Crossing 3 - Anglican, new
  10. STX04 - Stephenville Crossing 4 - Anglican, old

Most StonePics family history CD's contain cemeteries from more than one community in Newfoundland. When ordering multiple CD's please review your order to confirm that multiple copies of one CD number were not ordered.