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Deciphering StonePics Codes & Acronyms

CD Numbering:

All of the CD's for Newfoundland begin with "NF" and are followed by a 3-digit CD number, for example:


Town Codes:

Each town in Newfoundland was assigned a 3-letter town code which is a key to finding records of cemeteries and pictures. Two-word town names like Robert's Arm were often generated by using the first two letters from the first word, and the first letter of the second word. For example, the town code for Robert's Arm is:


Cemetery Codes:

A cemetery code is formed by adding a 2-digit number to the end of the town code. For most towns, the numbers are sequential beginning with 01, 02, 03..., etc, with only one number assigned to each cemetery. However in the case of St. John's, Mt. Pearl, and Grand Falls the large cemeteries generated too many photos for one CD. Photos from the Belvedere Catholic cemetery in St. John's span seven CD's. In these cases, each of the cemetery parts that appeared on a different CD was given a separate cemetery number. The first digit being non-zero often indicates a multi-CD set with the second digits assigned sequentially. In the Belvedere example the following cemetery codes are all for the same cemetery, but represent different portions of the cemetery found on separate CD's:

STJ51, STJ52, STJ53, STJ54, STJ55, STJ56, STJ57

Most cemeteries have only a single cemetery code. For example, the second cemetery photographed in Robert's Arm was assigned the cemetery code:


Picture Identification Codes:

Each photograph taken during this project was assigned a unique picture identification number which was based on the cemetery code followed with a dash and the 4-digit picture number assigned sequentially by the digital cameras. The sequential counters on the cameras were not reset between cemeteries, so the first picture at Robert's Arm cemetery #2 might have a photo ID like this one:


Although somewhat redundant, but certainly more informative, you might find the CD number amended to the front of the photo ID like this: