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Using the CD's on a Macintosh

A StonePics CD's was tested on a Macintosh. The CD-ROM drive in the Mac had no problem finding the files on the CD. The problem is the CD is designed with the long filename format for PC's which is fundamentally different than for Macintosh Computers.

Most files on the CD are in *.htm and *.jpg formats, but all of the cemetery photographs (*.jpg files) have long filenames based on the name of the person on the headstone. A Macintosh has no problem opening the photos, however the filenames appear truncated on a Mac and are not very helpful in locating a particular photo of interest. Also the very useful research capability of viewing photos in the order that the pictures were taken in the cemeteries is forfieted.

"Virtual PC" is an application available for Macintosh computers designed to interpret long PC filenames.

The large number of different CD's in the StonePics collection makes it unlikely that a Macintosh compatible versions will ever be designed. Perhaps the best suggestion is to use the CD's on a PC at your local library.