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StonePics Project Status Report

This page describes the current status of the StonePics project to photograph the monuments, cemeteries and headstones of Newfoundland, Canada.

Status by Number of Communities:
A total of 570 communities have been photographed during the five summers of 2000-2004. To date, practically all known cemeteries reachable by automobile have been photographed, plus many more which required hiking, ferry rides, transportation on private boats, or guides.

Status by Number of Cemeteries:
Over 1730 cemeteries were photographed over a period of five years, 2000-2005.

Status by Number of Photographs:
Approximately 320,000 photographs were taken since the beginning of the project.

What Areas Were Missed?
Many small cemeteries only accessible by boat have not been visited. It is estimated that these represent less than 1% of the headstones in Newfoundland.

Will Any of the Remaining Cemeteries be Included Later?
Yes, but additional photography will be very slow and expensive and will not yield many photos. It is not very practical from a cost/benefit perspective. For example, to photograph one cemetery on an outer island would require the time to organize a private boat ride to the island, do the photography and return to the mainland. The cemetery might be very difficult to find upon arrival even with a guide. An entire day of time and travel expenses might be incurred for a cemetery with only a few headstones. Another consideration is the personal safety risks involved in hiring unknown individuals for transportation out to small islands.

How About Labrador?
Labrador's historical and political connections, its proximity, and its genealogical connection all make it highly desirable for inclusion. It is likely that the parts of Labrador that are easiest to reach will be photographed at some point in the future.