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Interesting Transcripts of Newfoundland Cemetery Headstones

These transcripts were chosen from various cemeteries of Newfoundland, Canada because they were interesting in some way. All are preceded by their photo identification number; some are followed by notes in italics.



  • STJ23-2190: In loving memory of Sergt. John J. Sheehan, Royal NFLD Regiment, wounded and gassed at the Battle of Honby, died at Halifax, Dec. 25, 1917, aged 23 years; also Pte. Edward Sheehan, died of wounds received somewhere in France, July 8, 1917, aged 29 years; beloved sons of Edward and Margaret Sheehan.

  • STJ82-5677: 2nd Lieut. George Hayward Taylor, killed at Beaumont Hamel July 1st, 1916, aged 24; Pte. Richard Hall Taylor, killed at Monchy Le Preux, April 14, 1917, aged 23; Lce. Corpl. E. Frederick Taylor, Killed At Monchy Le Preux, April 14, 1917, aged 21; of the Royal Nfld. Regiment fighting for king & empire; beloved sons of Eugene F. & Mary Taylor. "There is one spot of France that is forever Britain."

  • BRN06-8944: In loving memory of Henry Brenton, died May 13th, 1936, aged 66 years. Also his wife Ellen died Feb. 17th, 1935, aged 62 years. Also their son Thomas Henry killed in action in France Oct. 14th, 1918, aged 17 years. Also their son Thomas Henry killed through enemy action at sea, Feb. 13th, 1941, aged 21 years. (This couple lost their first son in WW I, and gave birth to another son two years later whom they named after the one killed in the war. The second son was lost in WW II.)

  • EAS01-0452: In proud memory of Stephen, beloved son of George & Jane Dicker who at the call of duty joined the King's forces and laid down his life Feb 25, 1915 while serving on the HMS Clan MacNaughton, aged 24 years.

  • HOL03-6705: In loving memory of Sergt. Edward Patrick Timmons, 72nd Battalion Co. C.C. who was gassed and wounded in the Battle of Ypres and died at Holyrood Aug. 17, 1917, aged 34 years and 10 months. Beloved son of Lawrence and Elizabeth Timmons.

  • STJ33-1544: Karl Gudmundsson of Iceland, Survivor of Torpedoed Ship Hekla, died July 15, 1941.

  • STJ52-6743: Erected by his mother in loving memory of Private James J Lannigan who died from wounds received July 1, 1916 in the Battle of the Somme, and was buried in St. Marie Cemetery France, aged 20 years. RIP.

  • STJ31-0254: In memory of 194 Lance Cpl. Augustus Lilly, 1st Royal NFLD Regiment, son of George A Lilly, killed in action at Beaumont Hamel, July 1, 1916, aged 33 years.

  • STJ23-1969: Erected by his grandmother Mrs. Thomas McKellop in loving memory of 763 Private Michael J. O'Neill killed in action at Beaumont Hamel July 1, 1916, aged 18 years.

  • STJ32-4555: In loving memory of Mary Catherine Gardner who lost her life by enemy action on SS Caribou Oct. 14th 1942, aged 54 years; also her beloved husband Robert W. Gardner who passed away July 9th 1946, aged 61 years.

  • STJ52-6198: Charles A Pearcey who lost his life in the Caribou Disaster Oct 14, 1942, aged 32 years.

  • BAR12-9709: Sacred to the memory of Bridget Fitzpatrick who gave her life on the ill-fated Caribou to save a passenger Oct. 14th, 1942, aged 61 years.

  • PCH05-1114: Erected by his wife and children in loving memory of Edward Baldwin, died April 29th, 1927, aged 74 years. Also his three sons who were killed in action: Corp. James, May 15th, 1915; Pte. Uriah, Oct. 7, 1917; Pte. Horatio, Nov. 5, 1917.

  • GHB01-4492: In loving memory of John Tapper Jr, born at Grand Beach 1901, also his wife Hazel Tapper and their children Lilian, John W., and Donald (all) drowned at sea on the S.S. Caribou, Oct. 14th 1942.

  • SCP01-7865: In fondest memory of John C. Tucker, R.N.R. beloved husband of Mary Ann Tucker who was drowned while returning home on furlough on H.M.S. Laurentic, Jan. 25, 1917, aged 30 years.


Infamous Disasters

  • HRB02-8842: In loving memory of Cecil G Mouland, died Sept 4, 1978, age 84 years, Survivor of NFLD Sealing Disaster 1914. In loving memory of my dear wife Jessie A Mouland, died July 15, 1969, age 74 years.

    (The author of this web page interviewed Garfield Hillier of Campbellton, Newfoundland in September 2000 and learned that, "Cecil Mouland was a real survivor. Not only did he survive the Newfoundland Sealing Disaster of 1914, but in the early 1940's Cecil was leaving church one Sunday evening in St. John's where he was struck by an automobile. He was dragged some 75 feet down the road by the automobile and suffered seven broken ribs and serious enough head injuries that he wasn't expected to live." Cecil Mouland's tale of survival of the Newfoundland Sealing Disaster is recounted in the book by Cassie Brown, "Death on the Ice". )

  • STJ24-8350: In loving memory of Stanley, beloved son of Patrick and Mary Foley who was drowned on the SS Florizel, Feb 24, 1918, age 25 years.

  • STJ32-4168: In loving memory of William J Moore, beloved husband of Laura Moore, lost in the wreck of the SS Florizel near Cappa Hayden, Feb. 24th 1918, aged 43 years. In the midst of life we are in death.

  • STJ23-1989: Erected by Elizabeth in memory of her son James Mallard who was lost in the Greenland Disaster on March 21, 1898, aged 23 years.

  • STJ37-5109: In memory of our dear son Herbert George Goudie, 3rd Engineer on SS Regulus who lost his life in SS Regulus disaster Oct 23rd 1910, aged 22 years.


Quidi Vidi Lake

Headstones bearing the words "drowned in Quidi Vidi Lake" are so common around St. John's that it deserves a category of its own. The number of lives lost by drowning in Quidi Vidi Lake is only surpassed by ocean drownings!

  • STJ36-7260: William A N White aged 21 years, and James Barber aged 21 years. Students of the theological college drowned in Quidi Vidi Lake January 14, 1874, the former in the attempt to rescue his companion.

  • STJ36-7105: In memory of Henry Townsend Powell, eldest son of the Rev. Henry Clark Powell, rector of Wylye, Wiltshire (England) who was drowned whilst boating in Quidi Vidi Lake 29th August 1891, aged 25.

  • STJ56-9709: Our darling Thomas Francis (Carter) who was drowned while bathing in Quidi Vidi Lake, July 16, 1902, aged 15 years & 9 months. (Son of) Edward F. & Mary Carter.


Water & Ice

The phrase "lost at sea" is prolific on headstones. A study of the cemeteries of Newfoundland will overwhelm you with deaths due to drowning from boats being lost and people falling through the ice.

  • TOR01-3394: Erected by Richard Parsons of Flat Rock in memory of his two beloved sons, James, aged 17 years, Richard, aged 13 years, who died on the ice March 25, 1894 in the presence of their father.

  • STJ54-3325: Erected by Elizabeth Downs in memory of her beloved sons Stephen & Thomas who were lost in a snowstorm on Mount Cann Road, March 21, 1854, and also her son Michael who was drowned in Philadelphia, July 17, 1882, aged 35 years.

  • STJ54-3358: Erected by James Murphy in memory of his beloved wife Catherine Murphy of Suttons Parish, County Wexford, Ireland who depart this life April 25, 1872, aged 72 years. In memory of James Murphy, Inspector, a native of Craig County, Kilkenny, Ireland, died March 25, 1879, aged 86 years, 67 of which he spent in this country; Also his son-in-law Captain John Gibbons, who was drowned at sea, Dec. 13, 1878, aged 42 years.

  • SAP02-2068: In memory of Charles Robert Messervy, drowned Nov. 15, 1893; body recovered and buried June 24, 1894.

  • SHV01-2217: In loving memory of son and brother David Edmund Foster, Accidentally drowned July 7 1982, age 21 years, Saved May 2, 1982 through the gospel call of John 3:16, Seeing that the whosoever included him; forever remembered by father brothers and sisters. (Saved two months before he drowned.)

  • PLA05-4153: Sacred to the memory of Marmaduke Hare Bradshaw son of Francis Bradshaw of this place, surgeon and Sarah his wife, who by falling into a pot of boiling water was to dreadfully scalded but he survived the accident but a few hours. He died on the 6th day of May 1800, aged 5 years, 6 months and 18 days.

  • STJ24-8294: In fond and loving memory of my dear husband Thomas White who was accidentally drowned from the SS Clyde at Lewisporte Aug 22, 1937, Age 26 years. (The SS Clyde ferried people and freight around the Notre Dame Bay area for many years before there were roads. Its captain was John Stanley Butcher, a relative of the author of this web page.)



  • HAG03-1841: In memory of Jonathan Webber. This stone is erected by his sorrowful parents. He was a dutiful child, a loving brother, his parents chief hope of children, was drown'd by the stroke of a whale the 12th & found 16th July, 1782, aged 18 years and 9 months, and lies interr'd here.

  • PLC06-2393: In loving memory of George, beloved child of Stephen and Lily May Miller, who strayed from home May 23, 1919 and found dead in the wood Sept. 20, 1919, aged 2 years and 8 mos.

  • STJ85-1180: In loving memory of Mother, died May 3rd, 1909, aged 78 years. (Unfortunately stones naming people only as "Father" or "Mother" were found many times during this project. This one is indexed under "UNKNOWN, Unknown (1909)".)

  • GNB08-4298: In memory of Jonathan Hickman, born at sea on the passage from England to Halifax, N.S.; died May 18th, 1847, aged 100 years and 5 months.

  • STJ52-6792: Erected by Mary J Gourley in memory of her dear husband who died in attempting to rescue his children from his burning home Jan 20, 1890, aged 37 years, Louisa aged 15, May aged 7, Robert aged 5. (The stone didn't mention the man's name.)

  • QPN01-4829: In loving memory of Murray Watson Roberts, beloved son of Rhoda and Levi Roberts who was killed by dogs, March 11, 1967, aged 10 years.

  • STJ30-6499: In memory of Abraham William, beloved son of John & Elizabeth A Snow, who was killed by the bursting of a gun while in the act of shooting at a mad dog, Sept. 21, 1885.

  • NEF01-6331: In loving memory of Stewart Coombs, beloved son of Samuel & Virginia Coombs, who was shot by Thomas Applin June 9th, 1944, aged 21 years.

  • STJ52-6735: In memory of Catherine Brien, a native of Urlingford Co., Kilkenny Ireland who died April 17, 1886, aged 75 years, 25 of which she spend in this country.

  • CBN02-2067: Sacred to the memory of William Janes, aged 22 years, who was shot dead whilst walking in an Orange Procession at Harbor Grace on December 26, 1883. (The Orange Lodge is a fraternal organization similar to the Masons.)

  • HAG08-2782: Erected by the Orangemen of Newfoundland in affectionate rememberance of brother Thomas Nichols of Rising Sun Harbor who was shot while walking in procession from church on St. Stephen's Day 1883; died from his wounds March 10th, 1884, aged 26 years.

  • STJ52-6874: Erected by Joanna in memory of her beloved husband James Devine who departed this life April 19, 1885 aged 38 years. Also their children Mary Josephine died Oct 2, 1884 aged 2 years, James Joseph died Dec 15, 1885 aged 3 months, Thomas Peter died Dec 24, 1888 aged 9 years, Maggie died Dec 29, 1888, aged 4 years, Mary Joseph died Dec 30, 1888 aged 3 years 3 months. (Notice the proximity of the dates. Here the cause of death is unknown, but sometimes a whole family was wiped out by diphtheria in a matter of weeks!)

  • STV01-9215: Sacred to the memory of Alexander James; son of James C. and Catherine Gibbons; drowned while hunting seagulls June 26th, 1923; born May 6th, 1908.

  • STJ53-7215: Erected by James & Bridget Buckley in memory of their beloved children Edward died Aug 25, 1882, aged 11 month, Thomas M died Aug 29 1885, aged 8 years, Nellie died Dec 12 1888, aged 13 years, Katie J died Dec 13 1888, aged 10 years, Mary Margaret died Dec 16, 1888 aged 4 years, John E died Dec 24, 1888 aged 8 years. (Compare the dates of death.)

  • OLP02-2490: In loving memory of Alice M. Day, died March 15th, 1893, aged 10 years. Also Eldon Day, died March 28th, 1893, aged 5 years. Also Maria J. Day, died April 2nd, 1893, aged 14 years. Also Eli Day, died April 19th, 1893, aged 7 years. Beloved children of Eli and Elizabeth Day. (Compare the dates of death.)

  • STJ54-3738: Erected by Luke Murphy of Garrigbyrn County Wexford, Ireland in memory of his beloved children Catherine, died Nov 1, 1854, aged 13; Alice died Feb 20, 1861, aged 13; Anastasia died Feb 26 1861, aged 16, Luke died March 10, age 7; & Margaret died March 16, 1861, aged 5. (Compare the dates of death.)

  • STJ24-7946: Erected by his parents in loving memory of Gerald Griffiths who was accidentally killed by a motor car July 31, 1923, aged 12 years.

  • STJ24-8138: Erected by John J Burke in memory of his beloved father Patrick, a native of Inam County Gatway Ireland, who died October 22, 1881, aged 70 years, 17 of which he spend in this colony. Also his beloved sister Christiana, died 10 April 1843, aged 2 years. And his brother Maurice, died May 2, 1853, aged 3 years. Also his brother Edward, died 22 July 1886 in the 39 year of his age. RIP

  • STJ32-0426: Wireless Telegraphist Henry William Candey, Royal Naval Reserve, 14th September 1917, Age 21.

  • STJ32-3164: In memory of Robert Clarke, born at Bridport, Dorset, England, March 13th, 1844, came to Newfoundland at the age of 15, died Dec 7th 1919.

  • STJ32-3255: In loving memory of my dear husband George Weston Clark, beloved son of J H & J E Clark, died at Brooklyn, New York Dec 11, 1928, aged 24 Yrs & 9 Months. Erected by his wife Sadie J Clark. (The graves of young men who died in Boston and New York are common throughout Newfoundland. Many went there to work in construction and fell from the early high-rise building. The author's grandfather said many times, "Newfoundlanders built New York and Boston."

  • STJ37-7532: In memory of Edwin J R Nichols, entered into rest 5th November 1926. A Priest Forever. Faith H Nichols, wife of Edwin Nichols, 1886-1984. (The wife lived another 58 years after her husband died!)

  • STJ37-5132: In memory of Harriet, wife of the late John G Lucas and third daughter of Charles Torraville, Fogo, who departed this life May 22nd, 1882, aged 28 years. (A nice example of good genealogy information here.)

  • STJ53-7399: In memory of James Rowland for many years a resident of Seattle, Washington, USA, born Sept 8, 1824, died Nov 3, 1893. (Before Washington was a state and Newfoundland was a province.)

  • STJ55-4356: In memory of Patrick Jordan who died October 31, 1865, aged 66 years, a native of County Wexford, Ireland and resided in this colony over 40 years.

  • KIC01-7092: Erected by William Costello in memory of his beloved wife Elizabeth, Nov 5, 1932, aged 34 years; their children Thomas Melvin died Dec 31, 1930, aged 6 months; Ellen Josephine Died Feb 8, 1933, aged 3 months. (As so often happened, Elizabeth appears to have died giving birth. The baby died three months later, and one other child in between.)