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Web Site Updates

Sept. 2023 - Eliminated purchasing options for CD's and photos. All photos/CD's are available on the website for free viewing.

Apr. 2012 - Completed changes for The Rooms Provincial Archives.

Feb. 2012 - Uploaded Version 5.0 of the StonePics database with several hundred new and modified records. This version is the culmination of a complete review and upgrade of all project material initiated in July 2011.

Jan. 2012 - Added Ethel Blanche (LeDrew) ROWSELL, aged 105, to the "Oldest People" page per request from Suzanne ROWSELL.

Dec. 2011 - A complete review of all project material has been in progress for several months. All 177 CD's have had known errors corrected, format/layout changes, and upgraded/standardized HTML code implemented. The web site is currently being revised and upgraded. HTML code is being tested for compatibility with the three most popular web browsers: Explorer, Firefox, and Crome. The process will culminate in the release of a revised database in January 2012.

May 2011 - Corrected a transcript on the "Interesting Transcripts" page.

Nov. 2009 - Added a link at the bottom of the main page for Czech StonePics, a website dedicated to the cemeteries and headstones of the Czech Republic.

Mar. 2009 - Added two names from Lark Harbour to the "Old Known People" page. Corrected the description of the cemetery in Lark Harbour per Stuart L. Harvey of Lark Harbour.

Nov. 2008 - Added Ann GARLAND, aged 118, and Ellen CARROLL, aged 115, to the "Oldest People" page per request from Leslie Winsor of Newfoundland.

May 2007 - Nikon camera battery door repair kits made available.

June 2006 - A new page was added to suggest research ideas.

June 2005 - StonePics database Version 4.0 became available for download. It includes transcripts from approximately 130 additional cemeteries photographed during the summer of 2004, plus corrections to all known database errors. A general update of the web site was completed.

Jan. 2005 - Pages were added for St. Pierre Island, France for StonePics CD's numbered NF901, NF902, and NF903.

Apr. 2004 - Transcripts for the final set of CD's were completed. StonePics database Version 3.0 was built and uploaded to the internet.

Mar. 2004 - Names from four additional CD's were added for database Version 2.6 made available on 18 March 2004. The communities of Bell Island, St. Phillip's, Paradise, Bauline, Flat Rock, and Goulds are included.

Feb. 2004 - Names from six additional CD's were added for database Versions 2.4 and 2.5 made available on 03 Feb & 29 Feb 2004. They include the communities of Cupids, Clark's Beach, Brigus, Port de Grave, Ship's Cove, Bareneed, Cupids, Avondale, Colliers, Georgetown, Marysvale, Roaches Line, Chapel's Cove, Conception Harbour, and Harbour Main.

Jan. 2004 - Names from eight additional CD's have been added to a new database Version 2.3 made available on 21 Jan 2004. It added the communities of Freshwater, Harbour Grace, Bay Roberts, Bristol's Hope, Shearstown, Tilton, Bryant's Cove, Makinsons, North River, and South River.

Nov. 2003 - The final set of CD's and corresponding communities and cemeteries were added to the web site. A new version of the database defines 18,000 new records and corrections to a number of old ones. Only 28 CD's remain to be transcribed and added to the database.

Sept. 2003 - The project status page was updated with information about photos taken during the summer of 2003. A page called NF Cemetery Resources defines various sources of cemetery information and highlights the pros and cons of each.

June 2003 - StonePics database Version 2.1 became available on 25 June 2003 and contains several thousand additions, changes, and corrections made since the release of Version 2.0 in November 2002. If you have had trouble finding a missing person in previous versions of the database, try again with this one.

May 2003 - A new page provides a detailed description of the StonePics Method of taking cemetery and headstone photos. Another new page provides information about becoming a StonePics partner. Several existing pages received minor miscellaneous maintenance changes.

Dec. 2002 - The download page was modified to offer step-by-step detailed instructions for downloading, decompressing and using the StonePics database. Links were added to the "Sample Photos" web page for looking at five full-sized sample pictures.

Nov. 2002 - StonePics database version 2.0 was published. This file contains 55,000 new records for southwest Newfoundland, Corner Brook, the Burin Peninsula, Trinity Bay, Carbonear, and other areas. The new database represents 1300 cemeteries in 450 communities.

Oct. 2002 - The completion date for all of the CD's currently in work was changed to November 2002... ahead to schedule!

Sept. 2002 - A new web page describes the status of the StonePics project to photograph and index all of the headstones in Newfoundland.

Sept. 2002 - A new web page discusses using the StonePics CD's on a Macintosh computer.

Sept. 2002 - A new memorial page of people who lived to be 101 years and older.

Sept. 2002 - A new page about the oldest known headstones found in Newfoundland.

Sept. 2002 - Information for 181 communities and 500 cemeteries was added to the Towns/Cemeteries Completed page. The configuration of CD's numbered NF080-NF122 is included along with anticipated availability dates. These CD's are being transcribed now, and no names of people have been added to the StonePics downloadable database file bignames.txt since its initial publication.

Dec. 2002 - General maintenance of several web pages.